Providing solutions

Igloo Innovations is a full-service engineering design firm with demonstrated success in helping customers solve problems in all stages of the product development cycle.

We are adept at delivering on requirements that encompass everything from component design to complete, integrated systems.

We support our competencies with a suite of design tools, standards knowledge, in-house manufacturing and machining capabilities.

Providing partnerships

Igloo Innovations integrates seamlessly with your product development team providing support in all phases of the development cycle. We share information and solutions in real time saving cost and creating efficiencies.

Collaboration is key to product design and development. Your ideas are all we need to bring a new concept to market in the most cost effective and accelerated manner.

Where we fit

We help you get from Art to Part, from Concept to Commercialization and most importantly from Problem to Solution in any stage of the develpment cycle.

International Reach

Our experience spans the globe. We work across international boundaries to make our customer’s solutions a reality.

We can be on-site anywhere to support development, test, assembly, integration, implementation and deployment.